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    Responsibility for the website www.naturhp.de:
    Alternative Practitioner Steffi Christiane Liebscher,
    Kurt-Pchalek-Straße 23, D-02625 Bautzen

    Tel.: +49 (0) 35 91/27 54 02, e-mail: sl(at)naturhp.de

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    The public health office Hoyerswerda is responsible for the practice.

    Medical examination as an alternative practitioner on 24th May 1995. Certification as an alternative practitioner by the public health office Bautzen on 10th July 1995. Granted right to run the practice by the alternative practitioner law and execution law from 17th and 18th February 1939 and by the eased competence regulation from 18th April 1975.

    The income of the practice is VAT-exempt.

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    Data protection

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