»It is most important to gain information about the condition of the spinal cord since it is the origin of many diseases.« Hippocrates

The therapy of the spinal cord according to Dorn, called »Dorn-therapy«, focuses on the examination of dislocations, from the ankle joints to the upper cervical spine, and the re-location by rhythmical manual manipulation thus avoiding additional strain on the ligaments and fibres.
Improvement of the function of shoulders, elbows, hand and finger joints is also possible.
Different length of the legs often leads to static problems, e.g. distortion of the hip or spinal cord. The causes are often problems with the joints that can be detected and corrected by application of the Dorn-therapy.
Patients are shown easy home exercises to stabilise the effect of the therapy.

Since neural structures originate from and lead into the spinal cord, dislocation of vertebrae can damage the function of intestinal organs.
Additionally, the manifestation of psychological problems is often pain in the back. Such interaction may be revealed during the therapy.
So the therapy does not only result in a straightened spinal cord but also in emotional back-up.

Therapy of the spinal cord is often combined with a BREUß-MASSAGE.