Born 1968, grew up close to Dresden, married, one son.

Certified nurse, 10 years of work experience in this field
(Clinic for Neurology and Psychiatry Arnsdorf,
Anaesthesia and Intensive-care Medicine, University Clinic, Dresden).

Schooling as alternative practitioner:
1992-1994 German Paracelsus School, Munich and Dresden

1995 examination by public health officer and certification as alternative practitioner

2003-2009 free lecturer for naturopathic treatment

Since 2009 own practice for naturopathic treatment

Vocational and additional training for naturopathic treatment:

  • Phytomedicine, Integral Massage and Indian Healing Methods
    (1991-1993, A. Ochsenknecht, J. Demirsoy)
  • Foot Reflexology acc. to Hanne Marquardt (1994, C. Mager)
  • Individualised dialogue acc. to Carl Roger
    (2002, K. Martak/ R. Kaiser)
  • Reiki I, II, Reiki Master and Teacher (2002-2004, K. Klesse)
  • Spinal Cord Therapy acc. to Dorn I and II/ Breuß-Massage
    (2003 and 2006, A. Spangenberg)
  • Shaman Healing Methods (2004-2005, A. Buchheim)
  • Cranio-sacral therapy/ Osteopathy I-IV
    (2003-2006, Dr. R. Norett, Los Angeles /»Weg der Mitte« Berlin)
  • Certification »Clinical Cranio-sacral Therapy« (2007, »Weg der Mitte« Berlin)
  • Specialised cranio-sacral and osteopathic additional-training (2003-2018, Dr. R. Norett/ Dr. B. Shield/ N. U. Hesse/ S. M. Fuhrmann-Bailes/ Dr. J. A. Toulouse/ B. Alpermann/ Dr. Barthels/ Giorgia Milne):

    chronic pain of the cervical spine / whiplash injury

    dysfunction / pain of jaw and joints/ orthodontia
    pregnancy and birth, embryology, infants and children
    polyvagal therapy/ neural system/ tides and fluctuations
    parietal osteopathy/ analysis of bearing / orthopaedics/ structural discomfort/ shoulder
    visceral osteopathy (abdominal organs)

  • Additional courses
    in psychotherapy, Shiatsu, family therapy acc. to Hellinger, meditation, Qi Gong, hypnosis

member as a master of CSVD (Craniosacralverband Deutschland)